IRs and Direct Monitoring

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IRs and Direct Monitoring

Post by FuzzboxUK » Thu Oct 24, 2019 11:30 am

Hi Guys,
I'm stuck and would like some help. I did a quick search but nothing came up so I thought I would post. :D

I have just purchased UR-RT4 and installed it and have it running. I also have Two Notes Torpedo Wall of Sound IR loader (WoS). Inside Cubase I can get a really good sound from my pedal board to the WoS (instantiated in the INSERT) that I'm happy with. However, I get latency that really annoys me, even on the lowest setting.

However, If I use Direct Monitoring (DM) (through DspMixFx) I can get the response I like and no more timing issues! 8-) Where I have moved the WoS to the INSERT of the INPUT channel.

Unfortunately, I have now lost my tone (in other words my IRs don't seem to respond). It is like I have dis-engaged the INSERT. I know that is not the case because I can see the input and output meters registering but the tone is not there. But... if a I record and play back I get my tone.

I hope this is clear so far? 8-)

I have made a request to Two Notes support and sent them my logs. All seems to be fine apparently. It appears that DM on the UR-RT4 is causing this issue.

Has anyone else had this problem or similar and has solved it and can shed some light?

Thanks for reading.
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