UR 22 playback problem?

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john springate
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UR 22 playback problem?

Post by john springate » Thu Nov 07, 2019 4:50 pm

I have the weirdest thing happening, After I've mix a track on cubase 10 I play it back on my iMac and suddenly it get a feedback loop that lasts for a couple of seconds-its driving me mad, Ive tried hearing it through the iMac directly on headphones and all is good. Nothing ever happens when Im working on cubase itself but playing back a finished track can be a nightmare so was wondering if this a UR 22 problem? What makes it worse is that it does happen every day is its so hard to pin point. Also annoying whenI trying to listen to a mix. Any help would be welcome.
Cubase 9 iMac 2011 i7 16Gb Ram Steinberg UR22

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