UR-RT4 Help - Random Pulse/Glitch

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UR-RT4 Help - Random Pulse/Glitch

Post by FuzzboxUK » Thu Nov 14, 2019 4:06 pm

Hi guys,
anyone out there who has an UR-RT4 unit? :?:

I have a random glitch happening on channel ONE of the unit. This occurs while idle with nothing plugged in, input gain at zero! :o It makes no difference if the Neve transformers are engaged or not. If I sit and watch input ONE it will glitch or rather pulse a couple of times a minute randomly. I have recorded it and can see that it is a full-scale input pulse leading to a negative going digital square wave of about 6 kHz and 10 kHz. The annoying thing is is that this is my replacement unit and the same thing has occurred! :x
Faulty batch maybe?

Anyone else had or having or know of anyone having the same problem?

I have the latest USB driver. I can record on the other channels with no issue.

Thanks for reading
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