real world Mac Mini 2018 performance?

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real world Mac Mini 2018 performance?

Post by WK » Wed Dec 11, 2019 10:31 am

Does anybidy have real world results with Cubase and the 2018 mac mini? Maybe a video?

After switching from maxed Macbook Pro last year (too slow, too noisy, lot of promises, wierd touchbar, too expensive blablabla) i switched to a big Win10 PC.

I dont the PC, and a month after i bought my 8700K PC last year at Scan...Apple came out with that Mac Mini :oops:

I read in the specs that the Mac Mini 2018 also has a 8700 option, but the i7-8700B (B version?? hmmm).
I guess the stock speed is gonna be a little slower, but not THAT much...right??

-Does anybody have any real word experience?

-Does anybody with experience have good advice?

A lot of producers i know have this same question, specially witht the new 16 macbook out now...

My reasons why i want to get the mac mini:

-lately, when traveling, i find myself working on desks with monitors and keyboards...i dont REALLY work on the road anymore.
-laptop screen is way to small for my work, i have 2x27" screens in my main studio. Cubase just needs this.
Plus im getting to old to put my retina on a gazillion pixels.
-somehow, usb always gives me problems with laptops...specially my Virus TI.
-mac mini is really cheap compared to maxed out laptop today.
-mac mini is very small, and memory can be expanded.
etc etc etc

any advice is really appriciated!!! i will also post this on gearslutz

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Re: real world Mac Mini 2018 performance?

Post by simsung » Tue Dec 24, 2019 2:30 pm

i have one since one year and id say:
For everything that is not super resource hungry, it will be a solid computer.
the cpus are super fast , so is the ram and the m.2.
the only problem is the form factor which leads the cpus to heaten up quite a bit under heavy load up to 95°.
So it depends on what you are doing and what your priorities are. If is should be mobile: since there is no graphic cards in it its super fast and most affordable to buy. If you do filmmusic with 200-300 tracks, then better get a bigger device with bigger fans.

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