Happy Easter - New Song

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Happy Easter - New Song

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Hello everyone,

Here is a new instrumental piece for this Easter season. I had planned Easter holidays in the Caribbean, but unfortunately the current situation does not allow it. So, I finally composed this piece with the Car in mind ... It's not true, in fact, this piece is the result of a total lack of inspiration. During a depressing evening, I decided to delve into Cubase's resources for some inspiration and that led to the draft of this piece. Besides, Steinberg's slogan is "Creativity First".

This piece consists of several Loops from VST Banks by Steinberg, VST Sound by Cubase, Groove Agent, Padshop and ...

all this put together with a little imagination on my part allowed to arrive at this result which is, humbly, all the same interesting. So, it’s my pleasure to present “Caribbean Magic” to you. Happy listening to all, happy Easter.

Caribbean Magoc : https://soundcloud.com/user-479259856

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