VST Connect failure

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VST Connect failure

Post by WillguardProductions » Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:29 pm

Supposed to be easy right?

Tried it for the first time with a buddy of mine. I'm in Texas, He's in NY. I have Cubase Pro 8.. First off, he couldn't install VST Connect 4.0.. So that's red flag number one.. So I had him download and install version 3.0.

So that worked, then I gave him my ID and we linked up... He has satellite and I have cable, Huge delay in video and the sync lights were blinking all over the place never staying a steady green.

When I click settings, his audio driver was set to DirectX. He has a Presonus Audiobox as his interface, so I tried to switch the driver to that.. The first time I tried, it loaded the driver, but had insane static on my end peaking out all the meters..

So out of Panic I just closed everything. Then rebooted and we tried again.. This time however, Each time I tried to load the audiobox driver, it would automatically switch it back to either DirectX or Generic Low Latency ASIO. He even tried on his end to switch the driver but it kept doing the same thing.

We managed to finally get talkback between us but very noisey and static on the low latency driver.. Not so much on the directx driver but the delay was like 5 seconds or more...

So complete fail. :evil: :evil: Any suggestions? Ideas?

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Re: VST Connect failure

Post by Spork » Wed Jan 04, 2017 3:45 pm


can you give us some more hints? Which OS are you running and your buddy? Why couldn't your buddy install VST Connect Performer 4? Any error-message? You are running VST Connect SE or PRO 4?

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Re: VST Connect failure

Post by musicullum » Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:25 pm

"Each time I tried to load the audiobox driver, it would automatically switch it back to either DirectX or Generic Low Latency ASIO." That simply means the interface/driver fails to work entirely because of whatever reasons, that has nothing to do with Cubase or the Performer app.
Satellite is problematic, as it introduces significant delays. Given the satellites' distance and Einsteins' proposal that nothing can be faster than the speed of light (300.000 km/sec), delays of one second or more (bi-directional) are nothing unusual. It may work, but a) talking to each other can be quite tedious and b) set the Remote Latency to a much higher value if you want to record the Performer, like 3 seconds or even more. The only drawback is that there is a delay on the Studio side before playback becomes audible after it has been started.

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