newbie question

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newbie question

Post by roel » Wed Dec 04, 2019 8:37 pm


i bought connect pro on a win10 system since i intend to use it with a fellow musician who lives nearby but not nearby enough.

specs: for myself - look at the specs below on the signature. It's a win10 with bells and things, but... since it is wintertime and it is cold outside, i am using the machine at home and so i am using not the normal driver but an asio for all type or the generic steinberg thing.

the other computer - is in fact one of my other laptops that i dropped to the person to get started, and it is an older win7 lenovo thing with decent enough specs when i look at the requierements on the website. It is 64bit, it has I5, around 2,5 gighz, and so on so it does the thing it needs to do.


We tried several setups.

The first one was online. We are both connected online with steinberg with our id's. We did find eachother, but for some reason we keep on getting the message that the smaller laptop is using "an incompatible version". It is win7 it is 64 bit, it is legal and so on...
I can't understand this, since this is completely within the sys requirements stated on the website. What am i doing wrong ?

Second option was to try the same thing together online at my house. I have read the manual, and it is quite simple on it's explanation on how this thing should work. The performer should connect and then it should be LAN-online. But then again two things: if i use the button connect via LAN, it says again the message 'an incompatible version", and when i try the same thing online on the same network it says this is not allowed ??

Completely baffled thus.
Kind regards for the one who is able to help me out of this ! :-)

kind regards,
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Re: newbie question

Post by HughH » Wed Dec 04, 2019 9:25 pm

You need to make sure you're using compatible versions of the Pro and Performer App.

The Beta won't work with the "Release" version.
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