Recording Gesture?

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Recording Gesture?

Post by whitelight » Wed Jun 07, 2017 2:22 pm


Really a nice app!
Thats what I thought.
But - great disappointment: No Recording gesture!
Why not? Thats the thing I need most when beeing in the recording room. I want to record without mouse!!!

So please, please, please, add only this Feature!!

And maybe two others for to: Jump to next / previous marker and it would be perfekt for recording without mouse and without monitor!

(if the recording gesture is to dangerous you could enable/disable that gesture with a click on the Settings menu??)

(by the way in Cubase 9 the commands for next and previous track dont seem to work.
The rest works fine! (start, stop, Forward, Backward, Shuttle, Zoom in and out, wonderful!!)

Please continue!

Christian Echthard

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