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Welcome to the Cubase iC Air Forum

Post by Ed Doll » Mon Nov 18, 2013 3:28 pm

Hi all,

We are very pleased to announce the release of Cubase iC Air.

Cubase iC Air allows users of Cubase 7 or Cubase Artist 7, together with Leap Motion's controller or depth cameras developed using the Intel perceptual technology SDK 2013 to control Steinberg’s popular DAW intuitively by the command of gestures.

Pre-programmed gestural commands allow you to perform transport controls, such as start, stop, forward and rewind, to jump to the next or previous track, to audition through sections of audio and zoom in and out the arrangement.
By implementing a virtual version of Steinberg’s AI Knob, you are also able to control several other parameters of Cubase as well as VST 2.4 and VST 3 plug-ins through Cubase iC Air.

Cubase iC Air is Steinberg’s first achievement in this field of research and we therefore are eager to hear about your feedback!

By introducing this forum, we hope to provide a central platform for discussion and ideas and look forward to your input on this subject.
Cubase iC Air is a freely downloadable component, available from the Steinberg website.

Best regards,
Your Steinberg team
Ed Doll, Support Manager
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Hamburg, Germany

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