WHOA! Something's not right here! (ASIO load)

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Re: WHOA! Something's not right here! (ASIO load)

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Hi xphen0m,

Yes there are differences between the two - the 3.2.2 driver features a change in sample rate switching behaviour, as well as addressing a specific issue regarding Scarlett 18i8 firmware updates. Neither of these things are relevant to the issue you were having and the fact that the 3.1.10 driver has been around a bit longer means that we're more aware of the performance of this driver versus 3.2.2.

As I mentioned, it's hard to predict exactly which drivers will work together best in a system but, on Intel-based systems such as yours we would tend to recommend 3.1.10 over 3.2.2 unless you were having issues with a firmware update.

Hope this helps!


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Re: WHOA! Something's not right here! (ASIO load)

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The Focusrite USB driver 2.5.1 doesn't measure it's buffer in samples, but in milliseconds. Unless I'm already remembering wrong, I had the "buffer setting" set to 10ms. From what I understand, this is against the norm from how other manufacturers do it.
Ah..OK...And no need to apologise for anything....I was just querying, not reprimanding. Hope it didn't come across as such!

I was confused as you'd said that it was the maximum latency that was possible and 10ms RTL seems way too low to be a maximum.

At least it sounds like you're seeing some improvement now. Even if Focusrite don't have the greatest reputation for driver performance I find it hard to believe they can't better ASIO4all on your built in audio.
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