selling older versions of Cubase

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selling older versions of Cubase

Post by Mahomedb » Wed Sep 14, 2016 1:01 pm

Has Steinberg ever considered selling older versions (6,5,) at a good price so that musicians can at least buy an older version with an option to upgrade later. Maybe sell them without support to keep your costs low.
I know of a few musicians that wanted to buy 6.5 but could not find it anywhere. They cannot afford 8.

By selling older versions, Steinberg would be capturing a whole new market, as some musicians/producers just want good software that can work, not the latest.

There is no other DAW company that does this at the moment. Steinberg could be the first to try it out. Maybe sell version 6.5 for a special price of $99 dollars or even lower.

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Re: selling older versions of Cubase

Post by Grim » Wed Sep 14, 2016 2:10 pm

License starts from if you install and activate an unused C6 your license is updated to C8.5 automatically.

It would be very difficult to have this behaviour for some licenses but not others.

There are Artist and Elements versions for those that can't afford the latest new version. This seems the more sensible option than providing old versions that could stop working completely with any Windows update leaving the user with nothing and Steinberg being accused of selling non working software!
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