Bring Back The Jog Wheel

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Bring Back The Jog Wheel

Post by suntower »

There used to be a Jog Wheel on the Transport Bar.

(I always wonder why SB just removes stuff like that in the first place.)

I almost never use it, but if it wasn't for the visual cue of that wheel I wouldn't even know the Scrub feature existed.

(Not documented properly at ALL in the PDF, btw.)

Look, I'm -against- needless visual doodads, but again, there features which can be hidden shouldn't excised from the program! One needs them to be -somewhere-. You can't just have a Key Command for something like this. There needs to be a -visual- reminder that it's available. Otherwise you won't know to even LOOK for it!

ALSO: It's also kinda disappointing that the job -only- works on audio. It should simply play the -entire- CPR back at double speed from the current cursor.


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