Scrolling the score in Cubase

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Scrolling the score in Cubase

Post by SYNTHMAN3 »

A good idea for Cubase 9 is that the programmers should allow the user to use the sidebar to scroll down score edit during playback to an unlimited number of tracks and also to allow us to just use the mouse wheel. It would be so much easier to use.
Please do this for Cubase 9.

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Re: Scrolling the score in Cubase

Post by raino »

SYNTHMAN3 wrote: Please do this for Cubase 9.
The feature set for Cubase 9 was finalized long ago. Based on the previous release history they have probably just started, or are about to start, testing the final release build.

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Re: Scrolling the score in Cubase

Post by TheMaestro »

The solution would be an option to check/uncheck in the preferences:

"Always keep in view the selected staff"

It would be even better in the toolbar.
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