Automating-Effects-Tab in Sample-/Part-Editor

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Automating-Effects-Tab in Sample-/Part-Editor

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i think it could be a cool new feature, when it wouldn´t be necssary when you apply an effect on a selected region of an audio-clip, to can directly automate this with Automating-Points within the Sample-View instead to be reliant to go out of the
editor and have to set all these Automations on Effects or Effect-Parameter separetly n relation to the Sample Editor.

There should be a Feauture or a tab on the left side of the Editor, which can transpose these or the Automating-Functions of any parameter of an Effect-Plugin, and this area should correspond to the equal Automation-track, so that you got the ability to change things at the first area and in the second area all these changes get synchronized simultaneously.


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