Xeon CPU Optimization

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Xeon CPU Optimization

Post by Kuleone »

Cubase version 8.5 was a little better, but nowhere the same performance as the other daws. Just opening a blank project I'm showing almost 25% CPU usage? I've tried every setting and it remains the same. I have dual 12 core Xeon V3's and my performance is horrible. Please Steinberg I've been patiently waiting for Cubase to make use of these cpus! I can't use Hyper-threading because Cubase just crashes.

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Re: Xeon CPU Optimization

Post by djw »

I'd like to know if Cubase is tested on these type of processors at all.

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Re: Xeon CPU Optimization

Post by Raphie »

If your system crashes with HT on, something else is wrong. 6 and 8 Core i7's run fine.
Can your system run prime95 without cores stopping?
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