Function: Arrange Open Plug-in Windows

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Function: Arrange Open Plug-in Windows

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Hey Guys,

The issue: Every time I open up multiple plug-ins, the plug-ins open one on top of the other. This prevents me from viewing/adjusting any open plug-in besides the last one that I opened.

The mid-way solution of this is that, whenever you move a plug-in on the screen, Cubase will always re-open that plug-in in the same location. This is useful when opening all plug-ins on a single track, where the open plug-in windows will be consistent (unless you add/delete some).

However, when you are viewing plug-ins from different channels (where the open-plugin windows are completely inconsistent), plug-ins inevitably begin stacking on top of one another again. As a result, you need to manually move the locations of those open plug-ins in order to view them. In turn, those plug-ins that you just moved are now no longer "properly arranged" in the plug-in window arrangement you made for the relevant "all plug-in windows open/visible on given track". And the vicious cycle carries on.

My question/feature request: Is there a function/key command for automatically arranging all open plug-in windows, so that you can see/edit all of them?

Further, when having multiple plugins from the SAME track open, it would be even more useful to automatically arrange the open plug-in windows, such that their left-to-right and/or top-to-bottom arrangement corresponds to their position/location in the insert chain. For example, if you had inserts on slots 1,2,4 and 6, they might be arranged like this:

Plug-in Insert 1 Plug-in Insert 2 Plug-in Insert 4 Plug-in Insert 6

or this....

Plug-in Insert 1
Plug-in Insert 2
Plug-in Insert 4
Plug-in Insert 6

or this.....

Plug-in Insert 1 Plug-in Insert 2 Plug-in Insert 4
Plug-in Insert 6


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