Tap in Tempo via MIDI-Controller-Key/Pad

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Tap in Tempo via MIDI-Controller-Key/Pad

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When i directly want to access my aiming tempo, i would wish i could have the Option to tap in my aiming tempo directly from the MIDI-Controller or Pad-Controller. on some Controllers, which are commonly distributed are already a "Tap Tempo"-Button to tap in directly the aimed tempo from the Controller. Akai does this on some of their Controllers for example, but it don´t work with Cubase.

I wish, we could have the Option as a Command in the Remote Editor for a Controller under the "Device Setup" to assign the "Tap Tempo"-Button, which is now only assigned to the "Space"-Key or the Right-Click on your Mouse, to any Controller-Button, Pads or Keys.

In Pro Logic and Ableton Live is it possible, to exactly to this, but unfortunaly not in Cubase.

Thanks for Listen.


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