Command or Option-Sentences in the Pref. are able to Copy

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Command or Option-Sentences in the Pref. are able to Copy

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It would be very nice to search about several Options from the Preferences, just by Copy the Option-Name, and search it in the Operation Manual, the Knowledge Base, Steinberg Forum or even in the whole Network, to get clear with these Options.

For now, it isn´t possible to copy the Name of the Options, , to paste it anywhere to find out anbout it.
it´s a trivial thing, but it would be very useful, if i could just copy the Name of an Option and Paste it in the Search-Field of my PDF-Editor.

Thanks for Listen

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Re: Command or Option-Sentences in the Pref. are able to Cop

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Even better would be to have a "?" near each title and have it linked to the spot in the manual. The Cubase manual needs some major updates to improve these things. Stuff that any intern could do.

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