Disable scroll wheel for faders (preference)

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Disable scroll wheel for faders (preference)

Post by beatpete »

I wish there was a way to disable scroll wheel for faders in the mixer (a preference maybe)?, I like that I can scroll left and right but I'm constantly changing mixer levels and without mixer "undo" this can be a real PITA...
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Re: Disable scroll wheel for faders (preference)

Post by MHoughton »


This sort of thing happens with the MacBook Pro trackpad too — gesture-based scrolling in one part of the mixer, but fader/control moves in others.

It would be good to be able to set the behaviour for all regions of the mixer, both globally and individually.

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Re: Disable scroll wheel for faders (preference)

Post by Charlemagne »

HUGE PLUS ONE - or give us UNDO for the mixer please!


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