Overhaul HUB

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Overhaul HUB

Post by marcus82 »

More functionality than only selecting projects ant recent news.
Also gif the user the opportunity to select:

Selecting interface or audio source.
Selecting in and outputs for your audio source.
Selecting midi device.
Selecting audio audio, instrument ant midi tracks for a new projects.
The opportunity to buy add-ons for cubase, sound and plugins.
The opportunity to register/activate software/hardware.
Show sales for steinberg hardware/software.


Faster connectivity when showing news. It takes ages to show.
Show photo's when showing the news.

I hope other people will also come with idea's for the HUB?

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Re: Overhaul HUB

Post by andy1324 »

and please make an option to remove all, yes I said all, recent projects instead of having to do it one by one...thank you


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