Recorded audio events does not match the project tempo

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Recorded audio events does not match the project tempo

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I have no tempo track in my project.
the project tempo is set to e.g. 100 bpm.
i record an audio event on an audio track.
when i open the audio event just recorded in the sample editor it shows the tempo of the audio event.
i would expect, that this exactly matches my project tempo, 100 bpm.
but instead very often there are some other values: sometimes its way off 127.34 or 97.23 so some other random value. sometimes it is very close , e.g. 100.55 or 99.4 .
Is this a bug ? or: can i enforce cubase to set the tempo of audio event exactly to the tempo used for the project the time i recorded the event ?
Even better would be if cubase could also set the "musical mode" for the audio event automaticaly, so that i could change project speed immediately after recording without any hustle.

i already tried to change the time base (linear or musical) of the track , but this does not change the problem.
i have tried with "Automatic Hitpoint detection" disabled. no change.

Yes, I know, I can simply type the correct tempo either in the info line, or the pool. but i want to avoid this manual task for every audio event.

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