Transpose/Time Stretch causing bad pops/glitches on playback

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Transpose/Time Stretch causing bad pops/glitches on playback

Post by deflodocus »

Hello friends.

I know there are many threads about glitchy playback but I couldn't find one concerning this specific cause.

How to reproduce the bad things

1. Create empty project.
2. Add an audio track (in this case I used two kick drum samples).
3. Apply any amount of transpose (up or down, doesn't matter) or time stretching.
4. Loop a small section so the audio track will repeat.
5. Hit that space bar.


Four out of five times, the audio track will get a nasty pop or dropout, which often appears at the end of the sample but can also occur during its body. It is usually one pop, but sometimes it happens more than once in rapid succession.

The bizarre thing is that once playback loops back around, the audio track does not glitch. I haven't seen it glitch after initially pressing play, only on the first hearing. 50% of the time, when I hit '1' to go to the start of the loop, the audio will glitch. It's not as consistent as the first play but it still happens.

Bouncing the audio track in place (with the effect of the new sample not requiring any transposition) removes the glitching playback.

I would also note that if I take the same audio file and duplicate it within the same track and apply the transpose/timestretch, the playback will glitch on the first of the two, but not on the second. Normal playback resumes when it loops back to the start.

The VST activity thing doesn't register any spikes in load/disk usage when the glitches occur.

My specs
CPU: i7-4790k
GFX: Nvidia GTX 980
RAM: 16Gb (2133mhz)
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Cubase Pro 8.5.15
Audio interface: Steinberg UR44
Cubase is running off an SSD (same drive for OS).

All drivers are up to date. I wasn't using any plugins (even stock ones).

I would really like this to stop as it's a bit soul-crushing! :shock:

Let me know if you need any further information.

Thanks, pals!


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Re: Transpose/Time Stretch causing bad pops/glitches on playback

Post by IadAslan »

Well unfortunately I have the same problem and I haven't found a solution so far. Ableton uses the same algorithms and everything is butter smooth there. Must be a problem within Cubase.

The only algorithm that kinda works for me most of the time without the glitches & pops is "standard-drums". I set that up as the default algorithm in preferences & only switch to the more " advanced " ones when I really feel like I need them.

The weird part is that even when set to one of the tape-algorithms the pops still occur, even though there shouldn't be any heavy processing going on with this particular algorithm...

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