Difference between Nuendo 7 vs. Cubase Pro 8.5

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Difference between Nuendo 7 vs. Cubase Pro 8.5

Post by TimoWildenhain » Wed Apr 27, 2016 10:19 am

Dear forum-members,

every now and then there are questions about the differences of both DAWs, so I thought it would be helpful to
post a list with differences between the current Nuendo and Cubase systems.

The following are Nuendo exclusive features compared to Cubase:

Audio Post-Production / general
• Extended surround capabilities with up to 13.1 support
• Anymix Pro advanced surround panner including automatic distant-dependent features
• Nuendo V5 advanced surround panner
• Re-conforming solution for fully integrated automatic audio-to-picture alignment
• Two video tracks and further capabilities such as picture follows editing and video pull up/down
• Video engine: text overlay, count-in
• Integrated loudness processing toolset, normalization to integrated loudness values and true peak level export
• Loudness Track: Loudness curve written on a dedicated loudness track including true peak indication
• Advanced Control Room capabilities, up to eight monitor sources and VU output channel
• Automated Batch Export for exporting several versions of a mix in one go
• Cycle Marker Batch Export support
• Film-mixing automation system with passes technology and enhanced automation panel
• Multitrack audio-to-picture editing, including playlists and video-follows-audio editing functions
• Advanced editing capabilities including track sheet and 2x Range tool
• ProTools multi-mono to stereo interleaved file conversion and Multitrack to mono split
• Render Export to bounce MIDI and audio parts with FX
• Automatable naming scheme for easy export of a large number of audio files
• More plug-ins, including Pitch Driver, Nuendo Post Filter, Bass Manager, MixConvert, Matrix decoder/encoder
• Clip packages: audio clips can be saved to individual packages
• More markers and dedicated features
• Extended Project Logical Editor
• Extended file format support: AAF, MXF audio, AES31
• Auro3D, Barco Wavefield Synthesis system support
• Support for wavefield synthesis sound creation (Barco Spatial Audio Workstation)
• Extended synchronization/machine control options
• Nuendo SyncStation synchronizer support
• Enhanced EuCon support
• Networking Collaboration features LAN/WAN
• 1.5 GB post-production sound library by ProSoundEffects

Game audio
• Game Audio Connect toolset for connection with Audiokinetic Wwise
• Transfer sounds to Wwise using drag & drop and batch export functionality
• Naming scheme toolset for exporting large numbers of game audio assets with individual naming parameters
• Perforce Helix version control system support
• More than 80 plug-ins and virtual instruments for creative sound design
• Clip packages for saving clusters of audio files as one package
• Direct rendering to disk thanks to the new Render Export function
• Advanced multi-format support (Barco Proximity)

Automatic dialog replacement (ADR)
• Fully integrated Automatic Dialog Replacement system
• Makes professional recording of dialog for multiple roles, scenes and actors easy and fast
• Up to 32 marker tracks for easy scene spotting
• Professional foley recordings thanks to useful options in the ADR panel
• EDL (CSV/CMX) format support for utmost flexibility and compatibility on import
• Dialog text overlaying the picture allowing the artist to fully focus on the displayed picture
• Powerful naming scheme including individual attributes for different characters/roles
• Video count-in and different swipes allowing for accurate, lip-sync performances

Coming up next: Dolby Atmos support in Nuendo with a really nice panning system!

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Re: Difference between Nuendo 7 vs. Cubase Pro 8.5

Post by psvennevig » Thu Apr 28, 2016 7:41 pm

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Re: Difference between Nuendo 7 vs. Cubase Pro 8.5

Post by Christian van Caine » Wed Jun 08, 2016 11:22 pm

Awesome! Surprisingly much of which I just realized I can't imagine living without anymore! Although it makes little actual difference to me per se, being a Nuendo owner since version 2 and all, it's fun to see this in black and white :-)
One thing I wonder though - there has been quite a difference in the audio motors between every whole new generation, is there any difference in the motors used in Nuendo and Cubase, or do they share the same fundamental core mechanics?

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Re: Difference between Nuendo 7 vs. Cubase Pro 8.5

Post by JACKnight » Sat Oct 29, 2016 10:55 pm

your list mentions 1.5gb of post audio effects from ProSoundEffects...could you please tell me where I can find these...are they a download thing or on the installation disks?
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Re: Difference between Nuendo 7 vs. Cubase Pro 8.5

Post by mbira » Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:23 am

Any chance you can list what features Cubase 9 has that Nuendo doesn't have?

Also, I was looking at the Nuage and in the FAQ they say:
Can Cubase be used with a Nuage system instead of Nuendo?

Yes. Cubase version 7.0.3 or later is compatible. Please note that there are a few Cubase parameters that can not be controlled from a Nuage system.
Where can I find out what Cubase parameters can not be controlled by Nuage? Thanks.
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