Trouble with Tokens and deleting pages

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Re: Trouble with Tokens and deleting pages

Post by pianoleo »

Go to Engrave mode, select page 24, right click and then click "Remove Page Number Change(s)". Then select and right click page 24 again and click "Remove Master Page Change(s)"

Master Page Changes are overrides shown with a green line at the top.
Page Number Changes are overrides shown with a purple bottom-right corner.

ANY overrides mean that Dorico hangs onto the page, even if it's empty.
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Re: Trouble with Tokens and deleting pages

Post by Derrek »

I notice that putting the flownumber token in a page header for a part will print, but the flowtitle token will not show if the first flow for an instrument is a Tacet (for reasons explained above). Is there any chance that this will change in the foreseeable future so that flowTitles for a page beginning with a Tacet will fill their token without the need for page overrides?

EDIT: Never mind: I found the Layout option to force the Flow Title token to show.
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