Newbee and lost / Cub AI 10 plugin error

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Newbee and lost / Cub AI 10 plugin error

Post by soyinn » Thu Mar 07, 2019 6:20 pm

shortly speaking:
3 weeks ago I bought an akai keyboard 61 and ur44 and monitors
Connected , installed all drivers and installed Cubase AI 10. ( tutorials are very helpful )
Everything worked fine. I started my adventure with music.

Yesterday I decided that I will reinstall my win10 and put OS on a different disc.
I reinstalled system , installed akai keyboard with VIP 3(x64) then I installed Cubase AI 10.
Everything was fine until I opened plug in manager to check/or add VIP (x64), same way as I did it few weeks ago.

and I recived this

VIP works fine as a stand alone
But with Cubase I cant even set the path , nothing. When I click plugin information I recive this information and cant do anything.
It was kinda weird for me that theres a license button there so I clicked it and recived this
and couldn't do anything again.

I have no idea whats going on.
Windows is fresh . A few programs was installed right b4 I did all of this.
No other instruments plugins were instaleed ( im too new for it yet )

help ? plz ? any1 ?
did I screw sth ( or its not my fault ?

( forgive me any language misteakes I haven't been speaking/writing in english for months )

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Re: Newbee and lost / Cub AI 10 plugin error

Post by Martin.Jirsak » Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:28 am

Hi and welcome,

Go to your MySteinberg and check if you can see the Basic FX Suite license. If it's not there, you might have not activated or registered them properly.
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