UAD Plugins causing Kernel Panic on Launch

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UAD Plugins causing Kernel Panic on Launch

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Not sure if anyone else is having this issue. Just upgraded to C9.0.1. Ran it for the first time and when it started scanning UAD Plug-ins I got a macOS kernel panic. Tried it again and happened again. I might have to remove the UAD plugins from the VST folder for now until the issue is figured out.

macOS is up to date, UAD drivers/plugins are up to date. Anyone else having problems?

EDIT: I should mention that I ran into a similar issue when launching Logic Pro X 10.2.4 as well - so it is likely not a Cubase issue, but something to do with the UAD drivers or system-specific problem. Just weird that it first reared its head when I ran Cubase 9.
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