what DAW have your tied? and why you love cubase

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Re: what DAW have your tied? and why you love cubase

Post by silhouette » Sun Dec 25, 2016 11:57 am

I have used but not owned Pro Tools, Logic and Mixbus.

I hated Pro Tools and Logic. Mixbus was interesting but not for me. Cubase I know so well and is second nature when writing that I could not contemplate changing. We are like an old married couple who have the occasional disagreement, but have long since come to terms with each others flaws.
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Re: what DAW have your tied? and why you love cubase

Post by mroekalea » Sun Dec 25, 2016 10:41 pm

Started in 1992 with Sequencer plus gold, then digital voyetra, then cakewalk and when SX1 came out I ditch my cracked copy of vst 3.7xx, since then tried protools at a friend studio more then once all these years, logic pro, tracktion but always sticked with cubase due investment of money and time.

What I do, I can do with any DAW, but finding it often to much time involved to get to the bottom of each DAW at the same deep level as I can go with cubase.

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Re: what DAW have your tied? and why you love cubase

Post by Razzia » Mon Dec 26, 2016 5:03 pm

I've tried Studio One and Samplitude for a while. I still do the majority of my composing in Ableton Live, but for recording vocals and heavy duty mixing, you'd have to pry Cubase from my cold dead hands. It's rock solid stable for me, offers much better latency times for monitoring than Studio One did on my system, and has a lot of really great features that minimize the stress of editing and mixing.

Studio One does a lot of little things faster and easier than Cubase. Things you would compare to walking or breathing in a DAW, S1 has a clear advantage over Cubase. But the kind of detailed work that you'd compare to, like, a headstand or walking a tight rope, Cubase offers clearly better solutions for this sort of stuff in my opinion.

So I put up with, for instance, rightclick>add new send>select track type and plugin to add a new send, whereas in Studio One I'd just drag a plugin into the send rack of another track. And that's fine because in exchange I get things like track versions and slip editing,
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Re: what DAW have your tied? and why you love cubase

Post by ByronK » Mon Dec 26, 2016 8:28 pm

When I first was getting into DAW recording I was looking at Cubase, Cakewalk Sonar, Pro Tools Logic and Cubase. I was about to purchase Logic then Apple bought them out. Though Apple said they were going to continue to support PC users I knew that was NOT going to happen and it didn't, after a year they dropped all support for PC. As a matter of fact I remember Steinberg had a very nice cross platform pricing for those poor PC users that were abandoned by Logic. (:

Protools was just out of my pricerange and required the hardware interface so the decision was between Cubase and Sonar. Went w/ Cubase SX because they were the first DAW at the time to fully utilize hyper threading technology and the new DAW I just built was using the new intel hyper-threading processor.

Though I think Cubase is a fair value, I personally am not just dedicated to Cubase I also use Vegas Pro to do audio. If Steinberg gets lazy and lets another DAW out do them w/ more stability, better value and USABLE features I'd go with them in a heartbeat.

I use Sony Vegas Pro to mix my video audio because Cubase doesn't have an auto align feature that aligns audio from different recording sources. Vegas works w/ a program called Plural Eyes that can align audio clips and tracks so I don't have to go thru the tedious task of going thru each clip and manually aligning wave forms which is a royal PITA.
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Re: what DAW have your tied? and why you love cubase

Post by tryphon » Tue Dec 27, 2016 4:39 am

I haven't tried Apple based DAWs since I never owned a Mac (and never will). Tested demo versions of Reaper and Studio 1 but got bored real fast. Been using Cubase since SX3 and never bought nothing else. Simply put, Cubase is built in a way that perfectly fits my needs and all tools are were I would have put them so a very natural feel for me.
Now I use Pro 9 to compose and Nuendo 7 to finalize and master.
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