CC copy and paste does work through macro

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CC copy and paste does work through macro

Post by musisean »

Hi All,

I have question about CC copy and paste.
I've used copying cc#(1,7,11 etc) to different track at 7.5, 8, 8.5 version.
It has worked very well.

But after upgrade CUBASE 9, pasting CC doesn't work. When I tried it, it copied all data to new track. or nothing happened. It really depends on DAW condition.
It is supposed to copy only what I selected.
Does anyone have same issue?
Screenshot 2016-12-22 14.01.26.png
Copy CC
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Screenshot 2016-12-22 14.02.28.png
Paste wrong data
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Re: CC copy and paste does work through macro

Post by Martin.Jirsak »


Copy + Past haven't ever work properly with Macro to me. The problem is, Cubase doesn't wait for idle.

My workaround is to Insert the Save function inbetween, instead of idle (I know, it's not a nice one). Cubase always waits for the Save function, and continues after it. So then the order of commands works.
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