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Re: Homebase for Sonar users

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Sorry about that, but because of the way this forum is setup and the way we usually browse it, it's easier to keep track of new questions if you make new threads for them. It's also easier to discuss alternative solutions to the questions and/or workarounds this way.
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Re: Homebase for Sonar users

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bartveld wrote:
Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:37 pm
I get the impression that regular users aren't interested in wasting time with noob questions. Certainly some questions I posted here were answered, others weren't after which I posted them in a new thread. Then I did get answers, even though they were embarassing for me. I agree that the purpose for this Homebase-thread is not altogether clear anymore as no old hands seem to be interested. Or maybe we've already outgrown this thread :D
My take on this is that it depends on how clear the subject line is. If a question can be formulated briefly enough to fit in there, answers will come quickly. Using Cubase specific terminology will also help.

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Re: Homebase for Sonar users

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Here is the thing..

A user ask a question, now another user answer but needs some more info to correctly help out. Now the user who asked reply with more info, but in between all of this 20 other users have asked/answered/talked about other things and now it takes a long time to answer the question because we need to find the original question again to refresh our memory and at the same time see if anybody else has provide some info or a solution.
It's way better the create your own thread as it is much more easy to help out that way.
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Re: Homebase for Sonar users

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"Homebase for Sonar Users" sounds like it should be useful, but as KHS said, it's too hard to follow any thread in this so-called "homebase".
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Re: Homebase for Sonar users

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Indeed, it was very helpful at first but now, it is getting harder to follow. I'll close this thread now. If you have any specific questions, please post them in new threads. Adding Sonar in the subject might help to keep an overview.
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