How to migarte to Cubase Pro 9.5

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How to migarte to Cubase Pro 9.5

Post by natir » Mon Dec 25, 2017 4:53 pm


First of all, i use CUbase since SX version and i enjoy it very much.
i use Cubase elements 9, and i'm considering buying Pro 9.5.
i have a lot of third party plugins (waves,toontrack etc...), and i wonder what is the best way to install 9.5 Pro?
1 - unisntall elements 9, and install Pro 9.5. will i have to reinstall all my plugins?
2 - intsall the Pro 9.5, will it update the elements 9 or will i have elements 9 and Pro 9.5? I don't want 2 Cubases on my computer
which is the best way to approach this?

one more thing, i want to buy UAD-2 QUAD Core Satellite USB Universal Audio.can Pro 9.5 use this DSP processor?

thank you in advance,
Nati Roth

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Re: How to migrate to Cubase Pro 9.5

Post by ultradust » Sat Dec 30, 2017 10:34 pm

Hi Nati -

The default installation process for Elements 9 and Pro 9.5 should install each version in separate places, and you should be able to have both installed simultaneously. If you followed the default installation process, you would then be able to uninstall either version and the other will remain.

Installation of 9.5 Pro should not affect your third-party plugin installations at all, and you would not need to reinstall the plugins. Just ensure that 9.5 Pro settings include the location(s) of your plugins so it detects the plugins.

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