Urgent Presale Confirmations

Interested in Cubase Pro 9, Cubase Artist 9 or Cubase Elements 9? Having questions regarding the update or upgrade to the latest version? Please post here!
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Urgent Presale Confirmations

Post by dublin110 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:15 pm


I would like to buy Cubase Pro 9.5 But I have few important questions before I buy this.

we have a connect studio in melbourne and dublin. we work for same items. how can we record and mix on same cubase 9.5 pro same time in both places.

Does the latest cubase pro 9.5 contain all other things like cubase elemets, education and wavelab in one?

after purchasing this software will it be expired ever or it will be forever?

do we need to pay for every time upgrade or will it be free? if upgrade requires money then how much?

if we suppose to change our PC's or laptops how can we do that for same cubase 9.5?

If we can use 22 euros dongle for 2 different pcs why we need to pay 569 euros if it is available to download for free as we only use dongle to operate it

Lastly can we get any discount

Kindly answer all these questions above in order to progress for further dealing with your company.

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Re: Urgent Presale Confirmations

Post by KHS » Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:43 pm

I'm not a Steinberg employee, but i can answer most of your questions.

1. You cannot use same license at more than 1 computer at a time as you will need to move the dongle. You will need 2 licenses for this.

2. The Pro 9.5 have all features in Elements plus more. Elements are a "light version". Education is the same version just at discounted price. Wavelab is a separate program and are not included in Cubase. You can find all this info by just looking at the Steinberg webpage.

3. The software will never expire.

4. You will need to pay for every 1.0 and 0.5 updates that comes once a year. In between there are free maintenance updates.

5. You just install Cubase to new laptop and move the USB dongle with the license.

6. You can only use the dongle at 1 pc at the same time. You can move the dongle between computers, but Cubase will only work at 1 computer at the same time. You need to pay for the license, Cubase wont work without the dongle with a valid license.

7. Don't expect unless you are eligible for an educational license, or you wait for a sale.
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