Steinberg Student Discount

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Steinberg Student Discount

Post by denizcan96 » Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:33 am

I am trying to buy the Cubase pro 9.5, but I can't buy it from the website with the student discount and I don't know how can I contact the technical support because they are sending me to a website called asknet and I couldn't find my way at that site. Anyways, my problem is this:

1) I am in my shopping cart screen, I wrote my billing address. I already have a USB eLicenser so I don't need to purchase that.
2) I click Go on to Overview & Payment.
3) "Eligibility verification for Steinberg products" screen came. There are three links, the first one is "learn more" which sends me further than my shopping cart, the second and the third links are the same which is initiate verification request and I click one of them.
4) They sent me to another screen which says "Congratulations, the review of your eligibility verification request has been processed successfully. You are now entitled, for a limited period of time, to purchase discounted offers. This entitlement is valid until the expiration date of the provided proof of your eligibility." It also says "You can now proceed with your purchase or add further products to your shopping cart." and I click continue shopping.
5) Then it sends me to the shopping cart again and I have to start all of these over and over and over and over again.

This is extremely frustrating. Whenever I try to do something with Steinberg's website or installing something from them, there is always a problem and I can't contact tech support. They send me to asknet or to my local distributor. But my local distributors don't help me (I have more than one) because I buy the products from the Steinberg's website because that is cheaper and I don't understand how to use asknet and I never find Steinberg's online help online.

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Re: Steinberg Student Discount

Post by Prock » Wed Jun 20, 2018 2:49 pm

So... you are saying that after you click the "Initiate Verification Request" button you chose your country and other requested information and submitted your documents? Or is the online shop just getting into some kind of loop that will not allow you to submit your documents? Maybe your browser is set to not accept cookies?

Check this link to see if you can figure something out...

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