Add "Articulations" option to the Logical Editor

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Add "Articulations" option to the Logical Editor

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For people like me who works a lot with orchestral stuff it would be great if we had expression map articulations in the Logical Editor, so that we can

- Give the selected notes an articulation (this alone would be HUGE)
- Select all staccato/marcato/legato(...) notes to change their velocity
- Select all staccato/marcato/legato(...) notes with a certain length/velocity
- Change length of all staccato/marcato/legato(...) notes
- Change position of all staccato/marcato/legato(...) notes

The only reason this is not implemented yet is because Hans Zimmer does not use expression maps but he uses keyswitches instead.

Here another topic about this request:
Cubase 9.5.x

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