Better Freeze options

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Better Freeze options

Post by djrustycans »

Cubase desperately needs better freeze options, especially to cope with projects which contain resource demanding plugins such as Acustica Audio etc..

The ability to freeze groups and fx channels like in Reaper and Pro Tools would be literally life-changing. Being able for example, to work on a drum group/bus until you are satisfied with the sound and then freeze the result to conserve CPU whilst you work on the rest of the mix.

The freeze process should render an audio file which is then shown in the arrange window, in place of the group track. There, you can add extra plugins if you desire!

These features would also make ‘stem’ creation within a project, a much easier process.

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Re: Better Freeze options

Post by bruno-n »

+ Freeze/Unfreeze option for the content of an entire folder
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Re: Better Freeze options

Post by In_Stereo »

+1 YES YES YES!! Cubase is lagging in this area for sure. Let's bring it up to the better level of others like Reaper and Pro Tools (and more). Freezing Group and FX tracks is a giant advantage.
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Re: Better Freeze options

Post by milothatch »

+1 Freeze / Unfreeze a selection of tracks. Keep the selection memorized when freezing again.
And keep the frozen tracks synchronized when inserting / deleting bars from timeline (calculate them again)

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Re: Better Freeze options

Post by reztes »

I couldn't agree more. This feature is a must for cubase 10. Remember: Freeze Groups and folders. Show Audio.

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Re: Better Freeze options

Post by dmbaer »

Also, when Freezing a MIDI or instrument track, do what SONAR does and display the audio waveform that represents the frozen track content in place of the MIDI.
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