Voice commands

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Voice commands

Post by dazza »

i recently was asked what features could be added to Cubase in the future and a fantastic idea was produced to me ,voice control ,can Cubase be controlled by voice command , this would be a fantastic feature and not only would it help in the work flow but would also enable people with disabilities to use it more efficiently ,a unique feature .thank you ,all the best ,
Darren ross.
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Re: future request

Post by Maha »

That's a wonderful idea!
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Re: Voice commands

Post by delboy007 »

I am surprised cubase doesn't have this already. After all you can tell your mobile phone to "call Dave" so why can't we simply say "stop" or "start" .
I would love to be able to concentrate on playing guitar rather than constantly switching people guitar and mouse and having to concentrate on the screen.

It is not just people with physical disabilities it would help. I have been using computers heavily for 30 years and find these days if I am using one for too long I start to feel bad. Reducing the physical interaction between us and the computer can only be a good thing for us all.
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Re: Voice commands

Post by Stephen57 »

Both Windows and Mac do have built-in speech recognition. I've never tried using it and wonder if it might work with Cubase? I think building such a module into Cubase itself is unlikely. I still like the the concept of SR control and may give the Windows built-in version a try. Could be tricky because you have the SR Mic audio input and the I/O needed to run Cubase itself. Wonder how all that might work -- if at all? maybe need a second sound card for just the SR control system?
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