Transport Bar - Markers -> [SHOW] - please toggle

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Transport Bar - Markers -> [SHOW] - please toggle

Post by StefK » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:58 am

In the [TRANSPORT] bar, when the markers are also enabled :

If I (accidentally) click on the [show] action, it (correctly) opens up the window-dialogue to create new markers etc.

IF however, I want to dismiss / close this dialogue-window, I would prefer to just re-click on the [show] option again to close this window
(seeing as my mouse pointer is already right there .... on the [show] widget )

At the moment the user must move the mouse pointer to another dialogue-window in order to close the (accidentally) opened window.

I think this change would make the workflow smoother (and smarter) so that the action item behaves like a toggle, no different to other widgets in the [TRANSPORT] bar.
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