Cubase gives the name of a Rogue plugin in the Event of a CRASH.

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Cubase gives the name of a Rogue plugin in the Event of a CRASH.

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I would like to see a troubleshooting feature that actually Gives the EXACT NAME of a rogue plugin in the event of Cubase crashing upon loading a project.....

For example: If I load up a project and it crashes while loading, (usually it's a plugin causing the problem), Cubase should Tell me the Exact Name of that plugin so i can go and remove it from the VST/Vst3 folder so at least i'll know where to start troubleshooting from..... That for Me is Super Important... and my most requested feature i would like to see..
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Re: Cubase gives the name of a Rogue plugin in the Event of a CRASH.

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On Windows you can find out by viewing the Event Viewer.

rightclick Start - Event Viewer
select Error and expand
select Application Error and expand/view. you should be able to find the plugin name by searching around the logs a bit.
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