Enhance iC Pro and port to Windows

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Enhance iC Pro and port to Windows

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Okay Steinberg, I get it, you guys don't want to add multi-touch support directly to Cubase. Maybe because macOS doesn't have native touch display support and Cubase is cross-platform. How about this idea then, port iC Pro to Windows and beef it up with more features! I have been playing with the new Touchable Pro for Windows and Ableton Live, and I have to admit it is pretty fantastic! I got a demo license for DTouch for Cubase, and it is complete garbage. I guess it was a lot cooler back when they had "Legacy" mode, but the current "Standard" mode that is all you can use with Cubase Pro 9.5 is basically just a multi-touch mixer. Port iC Pro to Windows, give it a channel editor, MIDI key and drum editors, a bit more mixer functionality, and some plugin control, and I'll pay good money for that. Hell, Devil Technologies is selling DTouch for 200 euros! If you guys don't see a market here for a true Steinberg-developed touch screen app, I don't know what to tell you. I haven't even gotten into Slate's Raven product.
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Re: Enhance iC Pro and port to Windows

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