Remote Control Editor Naming Convention

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Remote Control Editor Naming Convention

Post by laithar » Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:09 pm

Hi all

I've been looking into using the remote control editor to change some events in Vienna Ensemble Pro 6. I'm using Cubase 9.5 Pro.
Using the Vienna Ensemble Pro plug-in, I have setup 11 instances reflecting my various groups of instruments, as rack instruments. Each instance of the plug-in is named to represent the instrument group (Winds, Brass, Percs, Strings etc). Each plug-in also has parameter controls, which I use as a simple toggle switch, to enable/disable the kontakt instance in VEPro. An example of this is Winds Param1, enables/disables the Kontakt instance with the Piccolo articulations loaded; Winds Param2, enables/disables the Kontakt instance with the Flute articulations loaded; Brass Param1, enables/disables the Kontakt instance with the Trumpet articulations etc. This works very well in keeping my VEPro6 template small with minimum memory usage. I have no problem with this operation.

The problem is when I use the Remote Control Editor to re-name the controls. I want to re-name Winds Param1 as Piccolo, Winds Param2 as Flute and Brass Param1 as Trumpet but this is not possible. As soon as I name Winds Param1 as Piccolo, Brass Param1 is also named Piccolo and Strings Param1 is named Piccolo too. Surely this is wrong. Is this a bug or does anyone know how I can have individual names for each parameter?
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