Halion 6 Missing Content

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Halion 6 Missing Content

Post by Jazman2k » Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:53 am

I updated Halion 5 to Halion 6.I downloaded the ~30gb package and I installed Halion 6 to C:/Windows/Steinberg where my old Halion 5 was.

Then i installed the Halion 6 update, next the content update.

Halion 5 always worked perfectly, but now every time i launch Cubase and Halion i get error message that "42 files are missing" etc.

I have tried re-installing, and i seriously have no idea what to do. I even tried re-downloading everything and installed again. No results.

Halion 6 is at the moment unusable, as it doesn't even load all the presets. There is just this red "!" and when i click it, nothing happens.

I am even missing the raven etc. sounds.

Did i install it in the wrong location? I have no idea.

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