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Free Alto Glockenspiel sound and Cubase Element 9 (solved)

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 3:20 pm
by NinoZagreb
I received e-mail from Steinberg which offers me a gift: "Free Alto Glockenspiel VST instsrument". Nice, why not. I have Cubase Element 7, upgraded to 8 and leiter to 9.0.40 with HSSE 2 and Groove Agent 4. It says that I have to download sound and then enter activation code (which was also in e-mail). I was not able to register sound so I read some stuff and download Steinberg Download Manager and inside it download HSSE 3 (which is also free). Now I was able to register sound (Alto glockk and Marimba). Because HSSE 3 is standalone program I anc test it and it works fine. After all that, I started my CE9 and first message was: "Your licence for Alto Glock, Marimba has epiered etc". Only solution is to manually deinstall those sounds. But I was never asked to enter activation code (which I have). Then I added instrument track and now there is HSSE 3. For Drums there is only Beat Agent but not Accoustic Agent which I have hard time to install in CE8. At the end, it was a gift which I should never accept.

Re: Free Alto Glockenspiel sound and Cubase Element 9

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2018 1:12 am
by -steve-
To be honest, I don't fully understand what you have said in that sentence, ;) but regardless, the activation code has to be entered for these free vst instruments, and the licenses downloaded to the usb key or software elicenser.

Re: Free Alto Glockenspiel sound and Cubase Element 9

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2018 9:12 pm
by NinoZagreb
Steve, thank you for your answer. First I have to download and install "Steinberg Download Manager" (which was new to me) so I become greedy and took not only Alto Glockenspiel (for which I get activation code) but also Marimba and Guitar Harmonics. Then I tried to register sound but in vain. Then I realised that I have to download and instal also free HSSE 3 which I did and register sound. With HSSE 3 it all works fine. Then I started my Cubase Element 9 and it says that license for those sounds has expiered. After some reading I started my eLicencer, did a maintence process and overlooked that “Enter Activation Code” button (yes, it is possible). Then I become angry and open this topic on forum. Now I started my eLicencer again and miracle happened, button “Enter Activation Code” was there, I entered my activation code for Alto Glock, took liccence and then started new project in CE9. There was no error for Alto Glock. I can confirm that it works. It was my error and false alarm. Sorry.
kind regards, nino