description match file ?

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description match file ?

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a region on the timeline has in info line 2 fields called : file (name file on hard drive) and description (metadata(?))
but on the timeline what is displayed is : Description (File)
wich is sometime missleading for me and have to zoom to look at what's in the ()
because sometime you do on a batch of sounds multiple process and in the end.. it always display the description that was there at start although through all the process you renamed them from "original sound "(say) to "gain original" / "doppler gain" "repitch doppler" "fade doppler" etc... adding process to another. still the region displays 'original sound (last way you named that file)
is there a way to copy file name to description in batch so the are the same. or toggle region display to show either file / description / both (like what i have by default)
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