Video Player Dialog Scroll?

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Video Player Dialog Scroll?

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Hi Folks,

I've always been just a music person but I'm finally getting my feet wet in post and doing my first ADR session. I'm sure this is a stupid question and I'm sorry for that but if some one could have pity on this noob and explain something to me? I have video with specific dialog that has to be matched and then other parts that are narration, but even the narration I want them to be able to view the picture going by for timing. I've got it working where I paste the actual dialog text into the ADR Panel and it comes up on the actor's monitor but what can I do when there's too much text in a single clip to fit on the screen? I know the actor can just read a paper script but...there must be a way to do this right? If I break it into separate clips I'll get pre-roll between them I think.

Thanks for any help!
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