[FR] Add an Audio Post-record buffer and setting

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[FR] Add an Audio Post-record buffer and setting

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Actually there is only an "Audio Pre-record" setting inside preferences.

This mean that a recorded clip does not have audio material after its end after we press the record button to stop the record.

So it is not possible to move the event end boundary to the right, but sometimes it is indispensable to do it after a take, if we didn't press the record button exactly at the right time, or to adjust the take end crossfade for delicate takes.

The solution is to add an "Audio Post-record" setting in preferences, to allow audio material to be recorded post-record. The same setting as we have for pre-record.

Next, it would be very desirable to have a couple settings to extend the pre-record and post-record buffers :

- extend them during all the duration of the play

- or extend them only to the pre-roll and post-roll locators.

Then we would have a really more usable record functionality inside Nuendo.

Last, the lack of a post-record buffer mean that there is actually a record bug inside Nuendo that can affect audio quality, i did describe it in this thread :

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