Copy Region to Next Audio Track

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Copy Region to Next Audio Track

Post by drsabs »

Hello Cubase peeps,

I am a big user of the Cubase Project Logical Editor, but I am struggling to find if this is possible to do: In my new template I have created bounce tracks folders for each instrument group in case I render the midi and want to throw on some effects to just those individual parts without effecting the rest of the stem. Is it possible to create within the Logical editor the following formula:

Select Track that contains "Bounce" in the name and is WITHIN current folder.

The "within current folder" part is the most important aspect of this formula because if it just selects tracks that contain "Bounce" in it, then it would select every instrument group's bounce folder.

Looking forward to hearing your responses, and thank you in advanced!
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Re: Copy Region to Next Audio Track

Post by Martin.Jirsak »


I'm afraid this is not possible.
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