US vs Canadian pricing for Pro upgrade

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Re: US vs Canadian pricing for Pro upgrade

Post by Digitalmixes » Thu Dec 20, 2018 6:44 pm

I too have been in conversation with Steinberg and Asknet on the pricing and the inequitable way in which they are charging for their software updates.

I am based and trade in Thailand and my original conversation with them was why should I pay VAT?

If I buy the upgrade from Nuendo 7 to 8 as my account was originally based in the UK (I will put everything in $ to keep it simple) the cost is stated as being $270 on the 'My Steinberg' page. This includes 20% VAT. When I go to buy the product I am redirected to the check out and am being charged $284 which, although it does not say it, according to Asknet and Steinberg support does NOT include VAT. I had to go to a lot of trouble to get this stated in writing.

If I buy the same product in the States it is advertised as costing $250 for the same upgrade. However this version is only allowed to be used in the States. The software knows where you are.

OK so there is a small disparity in charges which is irritating but not the end of the world but to me it demonstrates a lack of cohesion in their pricing strategies and judging by the comments above this is a worldwide issue. In my recent experience there is no core cost which is then affected by local circumstances which shows bad management in the globalised society we now live in. It's just seems to be ad hoc which is a weakness that should not exist.

The communications I had with them over a period of several weeks has left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I think considerably less of them in terms of their valuing customer relationships and will not be evangelising them in the same way any more. As a previous endorsee of Nuendo and one of the few people using it professionally in Thailand the honeymoon is over.

I personally will have no choice but to upgrade as I have invested countless hours in learning Nuendo and need the new tools that they are offering for VR for some of the work I am undertaking.
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Re: US vs Canadian pricing for Pro upgrade

Post by -steve- » Thu Dec 20, 2018 8:15 pm

Not disagreeing with anything you've stated at all- just want to add, you can indeed use the license regardless of your location– it does not try to detect your location when you use the software. The software only knows where you say you are when you buy the license.
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