Questions before buying Cubase 10 Artist

Interested in Cubase Pro 10, Cubase Artist 10 or Cubase Elements 10? Having questions regarding the update or upgrade to the latest version? Please post here!
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Questions before buying Cubase 10 Artist

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Before buying Cubase 10 Artist : I have the following questions :
1) Can I download a test software to check that my hardware configuration (sound card and graphic card) is OK ?
2) Once I've ordered, what is the delay to reveive the USB E-Licencer (in France) ?
3) Will I have to wait for the USB E-Licencer before I can use Cubase ?
4) Is there a some days money-back guarantee (in case my hardware configuration is not Ok) ?

Thank you for advance.

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Re: Questions before buying Cubase 10 Artist

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The best way to test your hardware is to download a Cubase Elements 10 trial, which doesn't require a USB eLicenser.

You have the option of buying a USB eLicenser separately if that's faster or more convenient for you. In the UK they're available from Amazon - you can sometimes get them the day of order of you have Prime. You may pay slightly more overall, but it will not be much.

If you buy a USB eLicenser you can have a 30 day trial of Cubase Artist and buy the download version (which is just an activation code to apply to your eLicenser) directly from Steinberg before the offer ends.

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