Yamaha funded buyout or licensing of PG Music's Band In A Box software or I.P.

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Yamaha funded buyout or licensing of PG Music's Band In A Box software or I.P.

Post by nonchai » Wed Sep 11, 2019 12:32 pm

PG Music will - Later this year - release for the first time a version or Band In A Box for Mac OSX as well as for Windows (released earlier) - where Band In A ~Box can operate as a VST plugin inside a DAW.

Imagine if more than this - BIAB technology - which is a software arranger that uses not only MIDI but also actually audio recordings of real session musicians - were incorporated directly inside Cubase!

We already have chord track and arranger features in Cubase. Adding many aspects of band in a box to this would greatly expand and enhance the ways in which producers can create and compose music and prepare mockups for media type projects.

Imagine if a BIAB VST3 plugin ( maybe with a server back end into a new version of BIAB ) for MIDI styles could use any instrument in HALION Sonic SE ( or even full sonic )

Imagine if the power of BIAB was combined with the back catalog of Yamaha PG and Genos/Tyros styles and sounds - merged into a new style format. There's still much mileage and much benefit and flexibility to be had in the MIDI style thing over Realstyles. Great though real styles are.

In addition - imagine if BIAB songs get to use the full power of the engraving and scoring technology in both Cubase- but also - DORICO ! -

some of the benefits could be:

BIAB using Dorico technology
Dorico using BIAB technology
BIAB using Cubase MIDI editor technology
BIAB using Cubase Audio recording and editing technology
BIAB using HALION technology and high quality Gm2 + beyond ( XG? ) sounds for MIDI styles

Cubase using BIAB tech as an add-on embedded similar to how ARA and melodyne gets embedded in Cubase

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