Auto-Tagging in Cubase Media Bay (Key, Tempo, Category)

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Auto-Tagging in Cubase Media Bay (Key, Tempo, Category)

Post by avviano » Sun Oct 06, 2019 5:14 am

By automatically (sensing) and adding tempo, key and category tags when importing samples into Media Bay and Halion, our workflows would be simplified and we could save a lot of time. Two possible routes to achieve this:

1.) Auto-Write tempo and key info from file name to tags (e.g. tempo, key, category)

Halion 6 already has a feature, whereby you can tell it to take the key from a filename and then map the sample accordingly. I think this option is called "Key Text in Sample Name" and this will set the root key to the key-text that is extracted from the sample file name.

It would be awesome, if this feature could be implemented for auto-tagging WAV and AIFF samples in Media Bay. In which case information would be extracted from the file name and automatically added as tags. Ideally this would include "key" AND "tempo" information, but could also include "category" information taken from the filename (such as drum, percussion, strings, brass aso). It would save everyone a ton of time, as manually tagging files takes ages. And without proper tagging, samples are pretty useless! This feature would be even more powerful, if Steinberg adds:

2.) Auto-Sense tempo, key and genre from file itself (not just filename) and auto-write to tags.

It should also be possible to auto-sense key and tempo from the file itself, even category info could be extracted like this. Audio samples like drums, vox, piano, strings aso. all have very distinctive wave forms - especially one shots). This would definitely be the holy grail of any file browser like media bay. This would be a mega-cool feature for which I would be willing to pay 100 bucks extra anytime. I believe variants of this idea have been requested in the forums before...

In my many years of dealing with large sample libraries, I have seen that One Shots, Hits or Multi-Samples - for example - all have very distinctive wave forms, file sizes and frequency signatures which is certainly true for all drum and percussion hits (lick kick, snare, tom, hi hats, crash cymbals, shakers, claps aso). It should be possible for Steinberg to develop an algorithm, that enables Media Bay to recognize these distinctive file signatures and enables it to automatically add / write the appropriate tags. In essence, this would be an advanced auto-sensing / tagging feature. The Steinberg dev team could also use this feature in upcoming releases of Halion (7), when using the sampler to record audio. Right now, you can record samples which are auto-mapped; Wouldn't it be cool, if the samples are also automatically tagged AND named?

I believe it should be possible for an algorithm to recognize the most important tags automatically (based on a combinations of file name, file size, wave form, frequency analysis aso). I am sure Steinberg could also license this algorithm to other companies, not just users. Full songs could probably also be categorized automatically this way. I think there is a huge potential for many applications. Many genres could be recognized according to a combination of tempo and instruments: such as EDM (tempo around 125 bpm with kick/bass drum) or Rap (with Vox tempo around 85 bpm) aso.

It would certainly catapult Media Bay - from an already cool information hub - to a whole new level!

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