Color improvements...

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Color improvements...

Post by cubic13 »

These are feature requests concerning three issues that I have with the present coloring scheme, hoping that I have missed something until now or that there are usable workarounds for them. Maybe 10.5 hes brought some improvements, but I didn't see anything about it in the 10.5 new features page. So, here they are (see the joined screenshot) :

1) The grid lines in the project area : I have to make the vertical lines almost disappear to get rid of the horizontal ones (I don't like these, they only clog the whole project view with a spredsheet look...). There should be two separate horizontal and vertical color adjustements, IMO. Any other way to set them separately ?

2) More or less the same thing for the envelope curves : idle, they have an RGB 183/193/204 tint, here : much too bright in my view, especially when working with a 52/54/56 background. So, same thing : anyway to set the color of these ?

3) I never succeeded (since I installed C10 more than six months ago) to dim a little the background of selected track panels. There is a 'focus' color setting but it doesn't seem that there is a 'Selected panel' one in the Preferences>user interface>Custom color pane. The result is that i'm stuck with a RGB 232/233/234 color which is in my view also too bright for a dark environment. So, same question as above...

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Re: Color improvements...

Post by cmbourget »

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Re: Color improvements...

Post by alin89c »

There should be two separate horizontal and vertical color adjustements
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